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SalesCred PRO: AI-Powered Solution for Credible Selling [2024]

Reviewed: Mar 19, 2024

SalesCred PRO is a revolutionary new AI-powered platform that builds credibility and accelerates the trust-building process for B2B salespeople.

Why are B2B buyers increasingly ghosting salespeople, preferring instead a rep-free buying experience? The answer: Just 24% of Americans think salespeople are credible in what they say and do, according to our State of Credibility Study (Sept 2023).

SalesCred PRO is here to flip the script. The AI-powered sales credibility toolkit, SalesCred PRO helps salespeople boost their credibility with buyers – a real game-changer in sales.

SalesCred PRO combines AI-generated and real-time data for insights into prospects and competitors.

Features include:

  • Digital CredCheck™: AI-driven analysis of how your online presence reflects your expertise
  • Daily Opportunities Dashboard: Trend monitoring and social media engagement tools
  • Deep, Real-time Research: Quick, comprehensive pre-sales research and business intelligence reports
  • AI-powered CredWriter™: Generates insightful social, web and email content
  • Competitive Intelligence: Insights for strategic differentiation
  • CredCoach™: AI-powered virtual sales coach trained with hundreds of articles on consultative sales by SalesFuel and C. Lee Smith. The "Say It Better" feature helps you choose words with greater tact and professionalism.
  • CRM Integration: Integrates with Salesforce and leading CRM platforms
  • SalesCred Academy: In-app training with videos, exercises and tests and includes digital badges for each completed module.

In a trust-starved market, SalesCred PRO provides an assurance of reliability for sales pros to help them gain trusted advisor status with prospects and customers.



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