🪆 Will the real MrBeast please stand up

Plus Google’s Pixel 8 lineup is all about AI

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AI celebrities are out to get you

With [close to 190 million YouTube subscribers](https://youtube.com/@MrBeast?si=CTwNlExTvSyXf7H)MrBeast (birth name Jimmy Donaldson) is not only the biggest character on the platform, he’s also a draw in the business world: This time last year the MrBeast brand was reportedly seeking a $1.5 billion valuation.
Perhaps then it’s no surprise that others want some of that MrBeast shine - with or without Donaldson’s consent.
Donaldson has called out a deepfake TikTok video that shows an AI-generated version of himself hawking the latest iPhones for an insanely cheap price. Donaldson noted the scam is traveling far and wide across social media, and has openly questioned whether such platforms are capable of dealing with the problem.
Donaldson is not the only celebrity to have been the target of deepfake hoodwinkers. Just a few days ago Tom Hanks 
took to Instagram to tell everyone that he’s not out there shilling dental plans, and instead it’s all the work of a fake AI Hanks. Of course, we got dead-eye Hanks in the _Polar Express, so anything has to be better than that monstrosity.
MrBeast on X | Link to story.
Source: Google. Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8.

Google adds more AI goodness to its new Pixels

Google has officially announced its latest Pixel smartphones, and as was widely expected, the devices are leaning hard into AI.
The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro both have new Assistant features that let you summarize the contents of a web page, as well as improved speech-to-text skills, and the ability to proof-read your text messages before you press send.
But perhaps the most interesting AI power-ups can be found in the camera software. Both Pixels feature Magic Editor, which lets you move a person from one part of a photo to another, while Best Take determines the best frames from a series of burst photos and stitches them together into a fresh image.
Video also gets the AI treatment with Audio Magic Eraser that strips out unwanted background noise in your footage. And the best part? It also works on older clips shot on other devices.
In the US, the Pixel 8 starts at $699 and the Pixel 8 Pro starts at $999. Both are available now for pre-order.
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Assistant x Bard

When it comes to smart assistants, Google’s Assistant has ostensibly outpaced rivals such as Alexa and Siri on smartphones. Now Google is looking to expand its lead by adding Bard functionality to Assistant.
Aimed at Android and iOS users, Assistant with Bard (AwB) allows for text, voice, and image input, providing AI-powered responses. Google notes AwB can also interact with Gmail, Maps, Docs, and more.
Google is offering AwB to select testers at first, with broader access expected over the coming months.
Made by Google Keynote on YouTube | Link to story.

The five-day work is doomed

Jamie Dimon once said “No one can forecast the economy with certainty,” so it’s of note that the CEO of JPMorgan Chase is making predictions about the long-term future of AI.
“Your children are going to live to 100 and not have cancer because of [AI] technology," said Dimon during a recent Bloomberg TV interview. “And literally they'll probably be working three-and-a-half days a week." Dimon added that AI will “of course” replace many jobs in finance, but suggested affected bankers will likely transition to other roles.
Dimon also referenced JPMorgan Chase’s investments in AI projects, positing the fruits of which will benefit the company’s trading arm as well as its customers.
Bloomberg | Link to story (paywall).

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How AI deepfakes target celebrities, Google's AI-driven Pixel features, Assistant's new Bard function, and AI's impact on work hours.