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An AI website builder is a tool that helps you make your website without needing to know a lot about how to code or design. It uses smart technology to make website-building quicker and easier. 
When you want to make a website, this kind of builder can guide you and even make some choices for you. That's helpful because it can save you time and make sure your website looks good and works well. If you're not a pro at making websites or if you just want to get your site up fast, an AI website builder can be a great help. 
Here are the top 6 AI website builders for 2024 that can help you create the perfect website for your needs.


Try - Wix ADI
Price: Free with Wix plans, or $10 per month for the premium version.
Wix ADI suits you if coding is not your thing but you want to build a website. Its drag-and-drop way makes it simple for anyone to design their site. Wix ADI uses artificial intelligence to create a website that fits your needs, based on your answers to some easy questions. This means you get a site that meets your needs without having to know a lot about design.
You can make the website yours in Wix ADI. Add your words, pictures, and videos. It also makes sure your site works well on phones and tablets by creating a version that looks good on these devices. If you want to sell things or services online, Wix ADI has tools to help you set up an online store easily.
- Simple drag-and-drop building.
- AI makes websites for you.
- Lots of ways to customize.
- Sites work well on mobile.
- Tools for online selling.

GoDaddy AI

Try - GoDaddy AI
Price: Free with GoDaddy plans, or $10 per month for the premium version.
GoDaddy AI is perfect for you if you want to create a website easily, especially if you don’t know coding. It has a drag-and-drop method that makes building a site straightforward for anyone. Like Wix ADI, GoDaddy AI uses artificial intelligence. It crafts a website based on your simple answers, so you get a site tailored to your needs without needing deep design knowledge.
GoDaddy AI is not just for personal blogs or portfolios; it’s also effective for business websites and online stores. Available in a wide range of languages and used for millions of websites, GoDaddy AI stands as a reliable tool for creating your online presence.
- User-friendly drag-and-drop interface.
- Artificial intelligence for custom website creation.
- Options for personal customization.
- Automatic optimization for mobile devices.
- E-commerce features for online store setup.


Try - Framer
Price: Free for open-source projects, or $10 per month for the premium version.
Framer is good for you if you like to design websites or apps with detail. It is a component-based tool, which means it helps you create detailed user interfaces. Framer is great for making prototypes of your website or app. This means you can see how your design looks and works before it goes live.
With Framer, you can also add animations to your website or app. This makes your site or app more interesting and engaging for your users. Framer allows more than one person to work on the same project.
- Component-based design for detailed interfaces.
- Prototyping to see how your design works.
- Animation to make your site or app engaging.
- Collaboration so many people can work together.
- Available for Mac and Windows.


Try - 10Web
Price: Free for open-source projects, or $10 per month for the premium version.
10Web is a good choice if you want to build a website easily, especially if you are not familiar with coding. It uses a drag-and-drop method, which makes creating a website simple for anyone. 10Web also uses artificial intelligence.
- Easy drag-and-drop building.
- AI creates websites for you.
- Lots of customization options.
- Mobile-friendly design.
- E-commerce tools for online stores.


Try - CodeWP
Price: Free for open-source projects, or $10 per month for the premium version.
CodeWP is a great tool for you if you want full control over your website's code. It's a code-based website builder, meaning you handle the actual coding. This gives you the freedom to shape your website exactly how you want it. CodeWP shows you a live preview of your website while you code. This is helpful because you see the changes as you make them.
- Code-based building for full control.
- See live previews as you code.
- Team collaboration on projects.
- Version control for tracking changes.
- Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.


These top 5 AI Website Builders in 2024 offer you great options for building websites easily and efficiently. Each builder has unique features that suit different needs. Whether you're new to website creation or have some experience, these AI Website Builders simplify the process for you.

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