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Plus Elon announces Grok

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OpenAI’s platform ambitions

OpenAI has announced a no-code feature that will let ChatGPT users create their own chatbots.

Dubbed GPTs, the chatbots can be crafted to handle specialized tasks, such as copy-editing or event planning. Verified creators will also be able to share their GPTs and earn a commission via the so-called GPT Store, which is set to launch in the coming weeks. OpenAI notes the GPT Store will be made available to premium and enterprise ChatGPT customers.

OpenAI made the GPT announcement at the opening of its four-day DevDay conference where the company also discussed improvements to GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, as well as new API pricing.

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Grok is on the way

Elon Musk has shared a first look at Grok, the chatbot that his AI company has developed. 

Musk took to X over the weekend with a screenshot showing Grok’s ostensibly humorous nature: “xAI’s Grok system is designed to have a little humor in its responses,” wrote Musk as he shared an image of Grok responding sarcastically to a request about how to produce cocaine. (I don’t claim to be the arbiter of funny, but it was hardly Monty Python.)

In a follow-up tweet (sorry, we’re calling them posts now, right?), Musk noted Grok will have “real-time access” to content shared on X. Musk claims this will give Grok a “massive advantage” over the likes of Bard and ChatGPT.

In another post, Musk has said Grok is being made available to a select group of users, without indicating when it would be released publicly. When it does arrive, let’s hope it's smarter than it is funny.

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Microsoft thinks AI can help with NPCs in Xbox games

Microsoft **has announced a partnership with **Inworld AI that will let Xbox game developers generate AI-powered assets such as characters, plots, and story quests.

Inworld has developed AI tools that can be used in the creation of non-playable characters, allowing them to respond more naturally to player inputs.

Xbox general manager of gaming Haiyan Zhang says the partnership will bring together Inworld AI’s “expertise in working with generative AI models” and Microsoft’s “cutting-edge cloud-based AI solutions.”

Zhang notes the AI design copilot system will be offered to Xbox developers as an optional feature, allowing them to decide for themselves how much they want to lean on AI. “We want to help make it easier for developers to realize their visions, try new things, push the boundaries of gaming today and experiment to improve gameplay, player connection and more,” says Zhang.

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Americans are uneasy with AI political ads

Most Americans believe AI will lead to a greater volume of election misinformation in 2024, according to a study from AP-NORC and the Chicago Harris School of Public Policy.

58% of poll respondents said they believe AI will contribute to misinformation during the US Presidential election. The study also found 66% are in favor of the federal government blocking false or misleading AI images in political advertising. 54% want US authorities to block all AI-generated content from such ads.

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