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Plus OpenAI could make its own chips

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Samsung’s Bixby could get superpowers

Samsung’s next flagship smartphone is expected to be packed with AI features - at least that’s the word from GSMArena.
The report cites respected technology leaker Ice Universe, who says Samsung will include its Exynos 2400 SoC (system-on-a-chip) in its much-rumored Galaxy S24 lineup.
The chip will help add lots of AI sauce will be the next iteration of Samsung’s Android build OneUI, which is said to include advanced assistant features. So maybe Bixby will finally be useful…
The Galaxy S24 is expected sometime in the first quarter of 2024.
GSMArena | Link to story.


OpenAI is exploring the possibility of making its own semiconductors, according to sources for Reuters. As part of the plan, the company behind ChatGPT has looked at the possibility of acquiring a chipmaker.
The report comes as demand for AI chips is at an all-time high – ostensibly a side effect of OpenAI bringing mainstream attention to LLMs. And while the company is seemingly printing money, I have my doubts they would get into the expensive business of manufacturing chips. On the other hand, a partnership with a chipmaker could make a lot of sense.
Reuters | Link to story.

Creator fears creation

Geoffrey Hinton, the so-called Godfather of AI, has made an appearance on CBS’ 60 Minutes, where he waxed lyrical about the future of artificial intelligence.
“I think we’re moving into a period when, for the first time ever, we have things more intelligent than us,” said the computer scientist. Hinton added current AI models probably do not express consciousness, but suggests that is likely to change over time.
Hinton, a recipient of the Turing award for his work in AI, noted the positives of machine learning in healthcare, but also warned of threats to our long-term future: “We’re entering a period of great uncertainty where we’re dealing with things we’ve never done before. And normally the first time you deal with something totally novel, you get it wrong. And we can’t afford to get it wrong with these things.”
60 Minutes on YouTube | Link to story.

Let me Google that for you

Google’s cloud unit has announced new AI-powered search features for the healthcare industry that promise to help clinicians more easily locate data across various systems.
Google Cloud executive Lisa O'Malley explained to CNBC the tool could be used by doctors to quickly view which medications a patient has taken over recent months, or for financial departments to more effectively find relevant billing codes.
Google has spent many years partnering with health service providers, though some have questioned the ethics of the ad giant digging through people’s sensitive data; in 2021, Google’s DeepMind found itself in legal hot water for accessing confidential health records for 1.6 million UK patients.
CNBC | Link to story.

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Samsung's Bixby may gain new AI abilities, OpenAI considers chipmaking, Geoffrey Hinton discusses AI's future, and Google's healthcare search.