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Plus Humane makes a fashionable entrance

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Facebook and Instagram posts are training Meta’s AI

Meta has admitted using public Instagram and Facebook posts to train its LLMs.
Speaking with Reuters last week, Nick Clegg, Meta's President of Global Affairs, said the company's AI models did not access private posts but did scrape public content - including posts on its platforms. Clegg also noted Meta had “tried to exclude datasets that have a heavy preponderance of personal information.”
While it might seem alarming that the social networking giant is piping user posts into its training data, it’s worth remembering that Meta’s terms of service give it a lot of leverage over what appears on its platforms. Of course, as I told you a while back), Meta is facing legal action for allegedly using published books to train its LLMs, so Clegg’s comments may not be the final word on the matter.
Reuters | Link to story.
Source: Humane. Naomi Campbell wearing Humane’s Ai Pin on her jacket.

Humane is on trend

AI device startup Humane has teased its upcoming Humane Ai Pin (yes - that’s how they’re spelling AI) at Paris Fashion Week.
Humane partnered with fashion house Coperni, who had Naomi Campbell and other models walk the runway wearing black and white variants of the screen-less device. It doesn’t seem the Ai Pins were turned on, but to get a glimpse of what the tech promises to do, check out Humane co-founder Imran Chaudri playing with it in a TED talk.
Humane says it’s going to officially showcase the product on November 9, so we should expect a price and release date then. (I don’t think it runs NBA 2K, so I might be out already.)
Engadget | Link to story.

Spotify infuses more AI into its platform

I told you last week about Spotify’s move into AI-translated podcasts. Now it seems the streamer has plans for even more AI innovations.
Chris Messina (whose biggest claim to fame might be as [the originator of the hashtag](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Messina(open-source_advocate)#:~:text=is%20the%20inventor%20of%20the%20hashtag)_), has dug through some Spotify code to find references to “AI playlists.” Messina also unearthed “playlists based on your prompts,” which, taken together, suggests such features may not be too far off.
TechCrunch asked Spotify about what Messina had uncovered, but unsurprisingly, they were pretty coy, saying only that they are “constantly iterating and ideating.”

AI could help Apple gun for Google Search

Apple has the skills and resources to launch a search engine that could compete with Google. At least, that’s the hot take from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.
In his Power On newsletter, Gurman explains how Apple has engaged in talks with Microsoft to potentially help with the search endeavor. However, that’s not the most interesting nugget from Gurman’s report; Apple could also factor in some AI tools to make the whole thing even more compelling.
Gurman notes that former Googler John Giannandrea, an expert in AI, has been working on machine learning projects at Apple since he joined the company in 2018. Gurman also backs up his thesis by highlighting Apple’s acquisition of AI-powered search engine Laserlike in 2019.

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Meta uses public posts for AI training, Humane's trendy Ai Pin, Spotify's potential AI playlists, and Apple's AI in search ambitions.