How to Make Money With AI Generated Images 10 Different Ways

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AI generated images are created by artificial intelligence (AI). AI models are trained on massive datasets of images and text, and they learn to associate certain words and phrases with visual concepts. Once trained, AI models can be used to generate images from scratch, based on a text prompt or a combination of text and images.

AI-generated images are created by computer programs that have been taught to recognize and use visual data. These programs, called AI models, get good at this by studying a vast collection of images—a bit like how you might get better at a video game the more you play. The programs learn to see patterns and how things in images are connected.

One way to make these AI images is by using deep learning algorithms. These algorithms go through lots of pictures and start to understand them well. When they've seen enough, they can start making new pictures that look like the ones they've learned from. They're not just copying; they're using what they've seen to make something fresh but similar. It's like if you learned a lot about different kinds of cars and then drew a new car that no one has ever made before it has the same parts, but the design is new.

#1 Sell Your Images on Stock Photo Websites

Getting your AI-generated images on stock photo websites like Shutterstock, Getty Images, and Adobe Stock is a solid way to make some cash. 

Here's your action plan: start by creating AI images that look great. You want them to be sharp, have the right colors, and be something that grabs attention. Make sure they fit what people are usually after like pictures of business settings, tech stuff, or nature.

Once your bunch of images is ready, sign up with these stock photo sites. Upload your pictures and tag each one with words that best describe them. These tags are like a magnet they help people find exactly your images when they’re looking for something specific. After your images are up on the site, someone might download them for their project, and that’s when you get paid a share.

Selling images is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep adding more images and updating your collection with fresh stuff. The more you upload, the better your chances of making sales. 

#2 Create Print-on-Demand Products

Now, let's talk about print-on-demand, which lets you put your AI images on anything from t-shirts to mugs. Platforms like Redbubble and Etsy are great for this. They let you show off your designs to customers without needing a warehouse full of stuff. You make a design, pick a product to slap it on, and put it up for sale.

When someone orders, the print-on-demand service prints your design onto the product and sends it straight to the buyer. You don't have to do the heavy lifting; the printing company handles it, and you get a piece of the pie.

To stand out, make sure your AI-generated images are something special—like cool designs that nobody else has. Get your work out there. Use social media to show friends and followers what you’ve made. The trick is to catch people's eyes with your awesome designs so they want to buy them.

#3 Offer Custom Commissions

If you're up for it, custom commissions can be your gold mine. This means you create AI images that fit exactly what someone asks for. Maybe a company wants a picture for their new ad, or someone needs a cool image for their blog.

To get rolling with custom gigs, you have to let people know what you can do. Put up a portfolio online—show your best AI images. Then, tell your audience that you're open for custom work. Post on social media or online forums where businesses and bloggers hang out.

When doing custom work, listen to what your client wants and use your AI skills to make it happen. The better you capture their vision, the more they’ll talk about you, and word of mouth is the best kind of advertising. It's all about getting those unique, one-of-a-kind images out that no one else can offer.

#4 License Your Images

Licensing your AI-generated images for commercial use is another route you can take to earn money. This method lets businesses or individuals pay you a fee to use your images in their own work—like in an ad, a presentation, or any other project they have. It's pretty straightforward: your images become a part of their story, and you get paid for it.

To get started, choose images you've made that you think have a wide appeal. High-quality, versatile images do best, as they can fit into different settings, like office life, tech, or wellness. Upload these images to platforms where folks look for photos to license. Add clear descriptions and relevant tags to each picture so it pops up when they search.

Patience is important here too, just like with stock photo selling. Keep refreshing your licensed image offerings with new, catchy ones. More images mean more chances for them to be seen and chosen by customers.

#5 Create and Sell NFTs

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are like one-of-a-kind digital collectibles, and they can be a big deal when you sell them right. You can turn your AI-generated images into NFTs and put them up for sale on sites like OpenSea or Rarible. What makes NFTs special is that they're one of a kind; when someone buys your NFT, they own a unique digital piece, which could go up in value just like rare artwork.

When creating NFTs, focus on originality. The more unique and interesting your image, the better it might do as an NFT. Then, once you're all set up on an NFT marketplace, spread the word about your art. Share it on social media, with friends, and on communities online.

#6 Create and Sell Online Courses

If you've got a lot of knowledge about making AI images, why not teach others? Creating an online course can help you share your skills and make some income. You can cover basics like how to get started, what tools to use, and how to make images that look great.

Setting up your course involves planning what you want to teach, recording video lessons, and maybe writing up some notes or guides. Then find a platform where you can sell your course, like Udemy or Skillshare. Price your course fairly, keeping in mind what students would be willing to pay to learn from you.

Advertising your course is key. Use your networks to let people know you’re offering this knowledge. If your students love what they learn, they'll tell others, and your student base can grow from there. Selling courses is more than just making money; it's about building a community of people interested in AI image generation.

#7 Write an eBook or Blog About AI Image Generation

Writing an eBook or blog gives you a platform to talk about AI image generation and get some income through ads, affiliate links, or by selling your own stuff. You'd start by setting up a blog or planning your eBook, focusing on things people want to know about AI images—like the latest tech, how-to guides, or your personal experience.

After your blog or eBook is ready, you'll want to get folks reading it. Use social media or online groups to find readers. For a blog, post regularly to keep readers coming back for more. For an eBook, a good launch with promotions can help it get noticed.

If your content is good, you could make money from companies who want to advertise on your site or from suggestions you make about products (that's affiliate marketing). You can also use your eBook or blog to sell services or software you've created.

#8 Create and Sell AI-Powered Software

If you're good at coding, you can create software that makes it easier for people to make and tweak AI-generated images. Your software could help users do things like improve their image quality or create new kinds of images.

Developing software takes time and requires you to understand what other image creators need. Once your software is ready, price it in a way that's fair for the value it provides. Sell your software through your own website or other online marketplaces that sell tools for creatives.

Don't forget to offer support for your software users. This can build a loyal customer base that may recommend your tool to others.

#9 Provide AI Image Generation Consulting Services

Consulting can be a solid option if you've got the chops in AI image generation. Companies and individuals often need help figuring out how to use AI for their image needs. As a consultant, you could work on projects, create image strategies, or just give advice.

Getting started as a consultant usually means you'll need a strong portfolio to show off your expertise. Network to find clients, and maybe offer a free webinar or workshop to get the ball rolling. Once you land clients, delivering great results could lead to more business through word-of-mouth.

#10 Become an AI Image Generation Influencer

Turning into an influencer in the world of AI image generation means you use your big online following to show off and talk about AI art creation. This could be on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or any place where people hang out online. You can make money when companies pay you to talk about their stuff when you tell your followers about products you like (and get a cut if they buy), or by selling your guides and tools.

Start by sharing your AI art and know-how, and engage with your community by giving tips and feedback. Share content that helps people, like tutorials or reviews of AI image tools, and be consistent to keep your followers interested.

Next, reach out to brands or pick affiliate programs that match what your followers are into, so any product you talk about is something they might want to use. Always be clear about what's a paid promotion to keep trust with your audience.


AI-generated images are a powerful new tool for artists and creatives. With the right skills and knowledge, you can use AI to create stunning and original artwork that can be used in a variety of ways. If you are looking for new ways to make money with your art, AI-generated images are worth considering.

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Make money with AI-generated images by selling them on stock photo websites, offering custom commissions, or licensing them for commercial use.

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