How to Integrate Open AI to Google Sheet

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What is OpenAI?

OpenAI is a research organization that focuses on developing and promoting friendly AI for the betterment of all humans. It has created numerous tools and platforms that can process information, generate human-like text, and offer solutions to complex problems. In simpler words, it's a tool that can understand and generate text similar to how a human would, but at a massive scale.

Can you integrate OpenAI into Google Sheets?

Absolutely, yes! With a bit of setup, OpenAI can be integrated into Google Sheets. The connection of these two platforms opens up countless possibilities, from automating tasks to generating content directly within your sheets.

What can you do with Google Sheet + OpenAI?

Content Generation

With Google Sheets serving as your organizational base, you can jot down a list of diverse topics. Once done, you can get OpenAI to step in and whip up everything from concise briefs to detailed articles. This means your next blog post or newsletter content could be just a sheet away.

Data Analysis

If numbers and stats are your game, this combo is a win-win. Drop in your data points into Google Sheets, and without you breaking a sweat, OpenAI can dive in to offer insights or neat summaries. It's like having an analyst on-call, right inside your sheets.

Translation and Language Tasks

Handling data that speaks multiple languages? OpenAI has got your back. Feed it multilingual data in Google Sheets, and it can effortlessly translate or provide summaries in a variety of languages. So, if you're aiming for a global audience, this is your toolkit.


Let’s say routine tasks aren’t your thing. With OpenAI in the mix, things like sending out updates, drafting emails, or even setting up schedules can be handled smoothly. Google Sheets acts as the command center, and OpenAI does the legwork.

Article Drafting

Imagine you have main points or headlines jotted in a sheet. OpenAI can take those points and draft entire articles for you. This way, you can streamline the content creation process, making it efficient and tailored to your needs.

Social Media Post Content

In the age of social media, creating engaging posts is vital. List down your post themes or ideas in Google Sheets, and let OpenAI craft catchy and relevant content, making your posts stand out.

Survey Analysis

If you've conducted a survey and have responses in Google Sheets, OpenAI can analyze the feedback. It can highlight patterns, preferences, or even areas of improvement, ensuring you grasp what your audience is truly saying.

Customer Support Queries

Load up common customer queries or issues into your sheet. OpenAI can offer solutions or responses, aiding in swift and effective customer service.

Educational Content

For educators or trainers, inputting topics or subjects in Google Sheets can yield detailed lesson plans or summaries through OpenAI. It's a boost for creating educational content that resonates.

Product Descriptions

For businesses, especially e-commerce, list down product names or features. OpenAI can generate compelling product descriptions, making sure your offerings shine in the best light.

How to Get Open AI API

Register: Visit OpenAI's website and sign up for an account.
Get API Access: Apply for API access on the site.
Check Documentation: Go through the provided guides to understand how to use it.
Start Using: Integrate the API with your projects and start experimenting.

How to Integrate Open AI to Google Sheet

Please note: You will need an OpenAI API key for the integration.

Step 1: Set Up Your Google Sheet
Open a new Google Sheet.
Name it appropriately.
Prepare columns for your data, like "Topic" for content generation or "Data Point" for analysis.

Step 2: Access Script Editor
From the main menu of Google Sheets, click on Extensions then Apps Script.
This will open the script editor.

Step 3: Insert Code for OpenAI Integration
function callOpenAI(text) {
  var apiUrl = '';
  var payload = {
    "prompt": text,
    "max_tokens": 150
  var headers = {
    "Authorization": "Bearer YOUR_OPENAI_API_KEY", 
    "Content-Type": "application/json"
  var options = {
    "method" : "post",
    "headers" : headers,
    "payload" : JSON.stringify(payload),
    "muteHttpExceptions": true
  var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(apiUrl, options);
  return JSON.parse(response).choices[0].text.trim();

Replace YOUR_OPENAI_API_KEY with your actual API key.

Step 4: Use the Function in Google Sheet
Back in your Google Sheet, in any cell, type =callOpenAI(A1) assuming A1 has the text or question you want to send to OpenAI.

Step 5: Enjoy the Integration!
With the function now set up, you can drag the cell formula across rows or columns to call OpenAI for different cells.

Code Explanation

Function Name:
The function is named callOpenAI and it takes a piece of text as its input.

API Endpoint:
The function specifies a URL where it will send data. This URL is an endpoint provided by OpenAI to interact with the Davinci model.

Data to Send (Payload):
The function prepares data to send to OpenAI.
The main piece of data is the text you provide, termed as a prompt.
There's also a restriction on the response length, limiting it to a certain number of tokens (words, punctuation, spaces, etc.).

Request Setup (Headers):
For the request to be authorized, an API key is needed, which is specified in the headers.
The type of data being sent (JSON in this case) is also mentioned.

How the Data is Sent (Options):
The function is set to send the data using the POST method.
It includes both the headers (with the API key) and the payload (with the text).
Any HTTP errors that arise won't halt the function due to a specific option.

Making the Request:
The function sends the prepared data to the specified OpenAI URL.
It then waits and collects the response.

Processing the Response:
The received data is in JSON format.
The function extracts the generated text from this data, cleans up any extra spaces, and then gives it back as the final result.

ChatGPT + Google AI for Content Generation

function generateArticle(topic) {
  var apiUrl = '';
  var promptText = "Write an article about " + topic;

  // ... [Set up your headers, options, and request as before]
  return JSON.parse(response).choices[0].text.trim();

Data Analysis

Copy the JavaScript below:

function analyzeData(data) {
  var apiUrl = '';
  var promptText = "Analyze the following data points: " + data;

  // ... [Set up your headers, options, and request as before]
  return JSON.parse(response).choices[0].text.trim();

Translation and Language Tasks

Copy the JavaScript below:

function translateText(text, targetLanguage) {
  var apiUrl = '';
  var promptText = "Translate the following text to " + targetLanguage + ": " + text;

  // ... [Set up your headers, options, and request as before]
  return JSON.parse(response).choices[0].text.trim();

Automation (Example: Drafting Emails)

Copy the JavaScript below:

function draftEmail(subject, keyPoints) {
  var apiUrl = '';
  var promptText = "Draft an email with the subject '" + subject + "' covering the following points: " + keyPoints;

  // ... [Set up your headers, options, and request as before]
  return JSON.parse(response).choices[0].text.trim();

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use OpenAI with Google Sheets for free?
OpenAI might have usage costs, especially for high-volume requests or premium models. Google Sheets itself is free, but always check OpenAI's pricing details on their official website.

Is it safe to integrate OpenAI with my Google Sheets data?
When integrating, ensure you use secure methods and keep your API key confidential. Always be cautious about sharing sensitive data, even with AI models.

How often can I call OpenAI from my Google Sheet?
It depends on OpenAI's rate limits for your account type. Ensure you check their documentation for details and avoid making rapid, repetitive requests that might exhaust your limits.

If I face issues with the OpenAI and Google Sheets integration, where can I seek help?
OpenAI has a community and official documentation that can assist.
Google's script and developer forums can help address any Google Sheets-specific issues.

The End

Integrating OpenAI with Google Sheets brings a world of automation and intelligence right to your spreadsheets. From content generation to data insights, the possibilities are vast. Always ensure you're using these tools responsibly, keeping data safety in mind.

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