🤺 ERNIE takes on ChatGPT

Plus Foxconn and Nvidia are AI BFFs

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Baidu zeroes in on OpenAI

Chinese search giant Baidu has announced its latest LLM, which it claims can hold its own against OpenAI’s GPT-4.

In a demonstration of the LLM - dubbed ERNIE 4.0 - Baidu CEO Robin Li explained how it is able to solve difficult math challenges, create story plot lines, and generate a structure and content for a TV commercial. Li also noted ERNIE 4.0 is able to retain the context of previous commands, allowing it to implement important details when conjuring up new responses.

Li said the LLM will initially be made available to select users, though he did not say when that would happen.

CNN Business | Link to story.

Foxconn and Nvidia talk up the AI factory

Taiwanese device manufacturer Foxconn says it will partner with chipmaker Nvidia to create a so-called AI factory.

Foxconn chairman Young Liu made the announcement at the company’s annual product showcase, where he was joined by Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang. Liu showed off a sketch of the proposed plant, and Huang suggested that such a facility would take in data and turn it into “intelligence as an output.”

Huang elaborated further, explaining that the AI factory would be able to ingest data from Foxconn-made EVs, and then use that information to improve the cars’ software.

Foxconn built its brand by building products for companies such as Apple, Sony, and Amazon, but the company has long harbored ambitions to become a significant player in the EV space. With the Foxconn-Nvidia tie-up, it suggests AI may play a significant role as our roads go electric.

Fortune | Link to story.

AI is on the beat

Medical researchers from the Smidt Heart Institute (part of Cedars Sinai) say a new AI-powered system is able to detect abnormal heart activity, even when a patient is not displaying symptoms.

The team notes the detection process, which analyzes discrete signals from common medical diagnostics, could be used to flag previously undiagnosed heart conditions.

The algorithm was trained using 35 years-worth of datasets, covering close to one million electrocardiograms. The researchers claim the AI tool is able to predict an atrial fibrillation event up to 31 days before it occurs.

Cedars Sinai | Link to story.

US puts more restrictions on AI chip exports

The Biden administration has updated US export control rules, further restricting the sale of AI chips to China.

Under the new regulations, companies that are based in US-embargoed territories must secure a license to export AI chips and related components to China.

The change is consistent with previous actions by the US government, which has long tried to prevent China’s military from securing advanced technologies.

The Hill | Link to story.

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Baidu thinks its LLM can go toe-to-toe with GPT-4, and Foxconn and Nvidia have plans for an AI factory.