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Meta vs GPT-4

Meta is reportedly not content with the power of its LLaMA 2 model and has decided it wants to push things further.

The Wall Street Journal says Mark Zuckerberg’s fiefdom has plans for a new generative AI model that will challenge OpenAI’s GPT-4, with work on the project expected to begin in early 2024. The report also claims Meta has been acquiring lots of Nvidia H100 chips, marking a move away from Microsoft’s Azure platform upon which LLaMA 2 was built.

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AI bots bake fresh software in seven minutes

What if I told you a new company called ChatDev has been putting AI-powered bots to work developing software code. And the craziest part? They were able to build new products in less than seven minutes, with each project costing less than a $1 to develop.

Before you go hunting for ChatDev’s investor prospectus, I should note the company isn’t real, but rather a hypothetical organization created for a collaborative research project carried out by Tsinghua UniversityBeijing UniversityDalian University, and Brown University. The researchers made use of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 to see if the bots could build new tools without prior training, and it seems they aced the test.

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Intuit’s bot could be your next CPA

Financial services company Intuit has introduced its own generative AI tool. Dubbed Intuit Assist, the bot promises to help consumers and small businesses do everything from helping complete taxes inside of TurboTax to surfacing key business insights via QuickBooks.

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Pichai is serious about AI

to mark 25 of Google being in business, Wired sat down with CEO Sundar Pichai and asked him some questions.

Main takeaways include Pichai claiming there is still a “golden age of innovation ahead,” while also noting Google is being deliberate about how it rolls out its AI offering.

Pichai also gets into Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE), a feature that serves up AI generated responses to Search queries. The CEO suggests SGE doesn’t threaten Google’s ad model - even if users do bypass the 10 blue links beneath.

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Published Date: Sep 12, 2023

Meta's challenge to GPT-4, AI's lightning-fast coding skills, Intuit's new AI tool, and Pichai's thoughts on AI's future.