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Caktus AI is a modern AI tool that is changing how people think about and practice writing. It offers a sophisticated and natural alternative to other AI platforms. Users create various types of text, from course plans to love letters. This tool stands out for its ease of use and broad application range, making it ideal for students, professionals, and anyone interested in enhancing their writing skills. 

Caktus AI might only fit some people's needs due to feature limitations or cost. That's where free alternatives come in handy. Several free alternatives to Caktus AI provide similar functionalities. 
I have reviewed the top 6 Caktus AI alternatives, read the full blog for a detailed review.


URL: TutorAI 
Pricing: Free trial available; Personalized Learning Plan at $10/month.
TutorAI is an educational platform that offers interactive content across many topics. It suits students wanting better grades and adults learning new skills. The platform's user-friendly interface and personalized learning experiences adapt to different learning styles and paces. With its free trial plan, users can explore the platform with three free queries. The "TutorAI Personalized Learning" plan unlocks all features, including personalized content, adjustable learning levels, and progress tracking, for $10 per month.


  • Interactive content on diverse topics.
  • Personalized learning experiences.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Free trial with three queries.


URL: TextGPT Website
Pricing: Token-based, starting at $6 for 120,000 tokens.
TextGPT integrates OpenAI's ChatGPT into web applications and text editors, enhancing writing and communication. It's ideal for crafting engaging content and professional documents. The tool is easy to install and use, offering customization and syncing settings across devices. TextGPT boosts efficiency, helps create captivating content, and enhances communication skills.


  • Easy integration with web apps and text editors.
  • Enhances writing and communication.
  • Customizable user experience.
  • Supports automatic key generation and syncing.


URL: Teachermatic Website
Pricing: Plans include Free trial, Standard (£99 inclusive of VAT), and Professional (£180 inclusive of VAT).
Teachermatic, an AI tool for educators, uses GPT-3 technology. It eases the teacher's workload with AI planning and lesson generation. Its suite of generators helps create teaching materials like lesson plans and quizzes. The tool adapts to different teaching needs and is available for a free trial.


  • AI-Generated Teaching Materials.
  • Multiple Choice Quiz Maker.
  • Scheme of Work Generator.
  • Class Question and AI Rubric Generators.

URL: Website
Pricing: Freemium model. offers over 40 AI tools for educators. It includes features like Dyslexia Analyzer and Phishing Email Detection. The platform is accessible 24/7, helping teachers during increased workloads. Its AI model is tailored for educators' needs, focusing on pedagogical knowledge.


  • Over 40 AI tools for educators.
  • Features like Dyslexia Analyzer.
  • 24/7 accessibility.
  • Tailored AI model for pedagogical needs.


URL: TutorMind Website
Pricing: Contact for rates.
TutorMind is an AI teaching assistant that simplifies tasks like lesson planning, essay checking, and plagiarism detection. It helps teachers save time and focus on student engagement and quality education. The tool is user-friendly and customizable, fitting different teaching styles and needs. TutorMind's key features include automated lesson planning, automatic grading and feedback, and built-in plagiarism detection, ensuring academic integrity.


  • Automated lesson planning with structured templates.
  • Automatic grading and feedback for students.
  • Built-in plagiarism detection.
  • User-friendly and customizable interface.


URL: SchoolAI Website
Pricing: Paid; specific rates to be obtained by contacting the service.
SchoolAI is designed for educational institutions to streamline school management tasks. It offers features like attendance management, gradebook assessment, and communication tools. The tool is adaptable for schools of all sizes and complies with data protection regulations. Its modular design allows for scalability, catering to the specific needs of different educational settings.


  • Attendance Management for efficient tracking.
  • Gradebook and Assessment for centralized performance recording.
  • Communication and Collaboration tools.
  • Timetable and Scheduling optimization.


After reviewing the top 6 tools, my top recommendations for free alternatives to Caktus AI are Teachermatic and TextGPT. Teachermatic is ideal for educators, simplifying tasks like lesson planning and quiz creation with GPT-3 technology.

It's tailored for educational environments. TextGPT, meanwhile, is excellent for enhancing writing and communication, integrating OpenAI's ChatGPT into web applications and text editors. 

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Written By: Nile Frater

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Published Date: Mar 11, 2024

Need a good free tool like Caktus AI? Here are my best six picks. These tools give you great support for your school work, just like Caktus AI, but at no cost.

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