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A PDF summarizer is a tool that makes long documents short. It helps you understand the main points without reading everything. This tool is great for students, professionals, and anyone who needs to get the gist of a lot of information quickly. It uses smart tech to pick out key parts and present them in a shorter form.

I have looked at the top 5 AI PDF Summarizer tools. In my review, I talk about their costs, what they do well, and other important details. This will help you pick the right one for your needs.

1. Scholarcy

Scholarcy makes it easy to get the key facts from long papers, reports, and chapters. Users upload a PDF, and Scholarcy turns it into short, readable flashcards. It pulls out important figures, facts, and references. It's great for students and researchers who need to quickly understand complex documents. The app supports many document types, not just PDFs. For people who deal with a lot of academic material, Scholarcy saves a lot of time.

The app is not only useful but smart. It can tell what's important in a document and what can be left out. This means users get summaries that make sense and are useful for study or research. Scholarcy is for anyone who needs to digest lots of information and prefers not to spend hours on one document.

Pricing: Starts from $9.99/month - Try Scholarcy

- Converts documents into interactive flashcards
- Extracts key facts, figures, and references
- Supports a wide range of document formats
- Designed for academic and research material


SMMRY helps you understand big documents without having to read every word. You give it a URL, text, or upload a file, and SMMRY gives back a short version. It cuts out parts that are not needed, leaving only the main ideas. This is perfect for anyone who wants to get the gist of news articles, papers, or any long piece of writing quickly.

The tool is smart. It uses a special algorithm to decide which sentences are important and which ones can be skipped. This means the summary it gives you is always clear and to the point. SMMRY is a great choice for people who are always in a rush and need information fast.

Pricing: Free for basic use; API from $2.99/month - Try SMMRY


  • Summarizes text, URLs, or uploaded files
  • Removes unnecessary sentences
  • Uses an algorithm for concise summaries
  • Quick processing for fast results

3. SummarizeBot

SummarizeBot takes documents, photos, and even audio files and turns them into simple summaries. It works with different formats like PDF, DOCX, MP3, and JPG. If you give it a document, it finds key points for you. This bot is built on new technology like blockchain and AI. It's perfect for anyone who has lots of different types of files and needs quick summaries.

Apart from giving summaries, SummarizeBot can also tell you about the mood of the document, its main keywords, and main subjects. It is very suitable for people in business or research who not only need to know what a document says but also its tone and main points. SummarizeBot makes your work easier by dealing with lots of formats and giving useful information about each file.

Pricing: Free trial available; contact for prices - Try: SummarizeBot


  • Works with many file formats
  • Summarizes text, images, and audio
  • Provides info on sentiment, keywords, and entities
  • Uses blockchain and AI technology

4. Resoomer

Resoomer comes in handy for making long texts short in just a few seconds. You feed it scientific texts, articles, or history texts, and it gives you a summary. Resoomer focuses on finding and highlighting the most critical facts and arguments. This tool is excellent for students, teachers, or anyone who needs to understand a lot of material quickly but has limited time.

Resoomer is simple yet powerful. It ensures that users do not miss out on essential details while skipping the less important ones. For anyone looking for a quick way to reduce a large document to its bare essentials, Resoomer proves to be a reliable choice. It's especially useful for academic purposes.

Pricing: Free basic; Premium at $4.90/month - Try: Resoomer


  • Quickly summarizes long texts
  • Highlights critical facts and arguments
  • Ideal for academic documents
  • Simple and easy to use

5. QuillBot

QuillBot is known for making writing and editing easier, but it also has a feature for summarizing documents. You can get the main points of articles, research papers, and documents quickly. It’s not just for writers but also for readers and researchers who are short on time. QuillBot takes the document and distills it to the essential points so users can grasp the main ideas fast.

Besides summarization, QuillBot offers other tools like paraphrasing, which makes it versatile for various writing and reading tasks. It’s perfect for those who need help in making their writing more concise or for anyone who needs to understand a lot of information in a short period.

Pricing: Free limited version; Premium starts at $7.95/month - Try: QuillBot


  • Summarizes documents to key points
  • Offers writing and editing tools
  • Ideal for quick understanding of texts
  • Helps in making writing more concise
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Published Date: Mar 31, 2024

The top 5 AI tools for summarizing PDFs, offering quick insights, easy use, and features tailored to streamline your reading process.

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