Best 5 AI Story Generators for Creative Writers

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AI is growing fast every day. Now, about 40% of writers use AI in their daily work. AI story generators are a big part of this trend. They help writers come up with new ideas and write stories faster. These tools use smart technology to create plots, characters, and even whole stories.

AI story generators are great for writers who need inspiration or want to work faster. They offer different tools for different writing needs.

I have reviewed the top 5 AI Story Generators. These tools stand out for their features, ease of use, and how well they help with writing. 

In this post,
- Top 5 AI Story Generators.
- Learn the unique features of each tool.
- Explore how they match different writing styles.
- Gain insights into each generator's use.
- Find tips to choose the right AI tool for you.


Try - Sudowrite
Overview: Sudowrite helps writers who get stuck or want to make their stories better. It gives ideas, characters, and parts of the story when you give it a little bit of text. This tool is good for making stories more unique and high-quality. It also offers different ways to write things to help avoid using the same phrases too often.


  • Smart technology for making stories.
  • Instant help with story ideas.
  • Easy for anyone to use.
  • Works with popular writing programs like Google Docs.
  • Suggests new ways to say things and fixes common phrases.

Jasper AI

Try - Jasper AI
Jasper AI is a tool for all kinds of writing, like making story ideas, full stories, or adding to what you have. It's good at making stories sound real and interesting. You can use Jasper for different writing jobs, from short stories to blog posts. It also checks your writing to make it better for readers and search engines.


  • Uses AI to make natural-sounding stories.
  • Good for many different writing jobs.
  • Lets you change how your story is written.
  • Helps make your writing easy to read and find online.
  • Designed to be helpful and easy to use.

Plot Factory

Try - Plot Factory
Plot Factory is an online tool for making and storing stories. It helps you think of new story ideas, characters, and plots. It's great for planning and organizing your story, with tools to help build your story world and outline your plot. You can also work with others and keep your stories safe online.


  • AI helps make stories.
  • Tools for planning and writing.
  • Helps build your story world.
  • Keeps stories online for easy access and working together.
  • Made to be user-friendly for writing stories.

Shortly AI

Try - Shortly AI
Overview: Shortly AI keeps story writing simple. It has a clear, easy-to-use interface for writing without distractions. Even though Jasper bought it, it still works by itself. It's for writers who sometimes need a little help from AI. Shortly AI is known for being good at different kinds of writing and providing a clear space for writing.


  • Simple commands for AI help.
  • Clear interface for focused writing.
  • Write as much as you want.
  • Good for many kinds of writing.
  • Part of Jasper, known for quality.


Try - NovelAI
NovelAI is for people who want to write fiction. It has features to make images and learn how famous writers write. It puts AI tools in a way that's easy and fun for writing. NovelAI's Lorebook helps you keep track of your story details for consistency.


  • Makes images for your story.
  • Writes unlimited text with AI.
  • Lorebook keeps track of your story details.
  • You can make it fit your style of writing.
  • Fun and easy for writing stories.


How do Sudowrite and Jasper AI differ in assisting writers?
Sudowrite focuses on helping writers overcome blocks and enhance their stories with new ideas and expressions. Jasper AI, on the other hand, is versatile, suitable for various writing forms, and helps improve readability and SEO optimization.

Can these AI tools integrate with popular writing software?
Yes, many of these AI story generators, like Sudowrite, can integrate with popular writing software such as Google Docs, making them convenient for writers to use in their current workflow.

Are these AI story generators suitable for all types of writers?
Yes, these tools cater to a wide range of writers, from beginners to professionals, offering user-friendly interfaces and customizable options to suit different writing styles and needs.

Do AI story generators help only with fiction, or can they assist with other forms of writing?
While primarily designed for fiction, many of these AI story generators, such as Jasper AI and Shortly AI, are versatile enough to assist with other forms of writing, including blog posts, marketing content, and more.

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Explore the top 5 AI story generators enhancing creativity for writers.

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