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Plus OpenAI spreads the ChatGPT love

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Extending Bard’s capabilities

Google has made some solid updates to Bard. The chatbot has added a new AI extensions feature that will let you ask about information in Gmail, Drive, Maps, and more. You can also request content from YouTube, with resulting videos presented inside the chat window.

Google is also doing more to let you cross-check Bard’s results. By clicking the “Google it” button, Bard will run a Search, and then mark sentences with either a green or brown highlight. Green sentences are content that Google Search has found verifiable data for, while brown represents statements that cannot be backed up by Search results.

The new features are available now, you just have to activate the extensions within Bard.

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OpenAI puts GPT goodness in Dall-E

For many, OpenAI’s Dall-E 2 was the first AI art app they tried out. However, in the wake of Midjourney and Adobe Firefly, Dall-E has ostensibly lost some of its shine. That could all change now that Dall-E 3 has launched.

The headline-grabber for this one is that OpenAI has made the obvious move of plugging ChatGPT into the mix. Now users don’t have to come up with a clever prompt to get Dall-E going, they can simply ask ChatGPT to do the thinking for them.

At the time of writing, the ChatGPT tie-in wasn’t available to me, so I can’t speak about how well it works. Regardless of that fact, it’s promising to see OpenAI giving Dall-E some much-needed attention.

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Making sense of missense

Google’s DeepMind has developed an AI system that promises to be able to predict whether genetic mutations could lead to disease.

DeepMind’s AlphaMissense looks at missense mutations - genes that feature a single misspelling within their DNA code, then generates a probability score for future issues. Typically speaking, missense mutations are often harmless, but they can impact the body’s proteins.

DeepMind has freely published its findings for use by geneticists and clinicians.

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AGI is scaring the pants off of people

I told you recently of Marc Benioff’s belief that AI will soon be smarter than humans. But according to a recent YouGov/AI Policy Institute poll, Americans are not down with that idea.

63% of respondents said they want to see regulation that would halt the rise of artificial general intelligence (AGI). 54% believe AGI will be a real thing within five years, and 83% think AI may accidentally cause a catastrophic event.

So yeah, the AI industry and everyday people may not be in lockstep quite yet.

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Published Date: Sep 21, 2023

Google enhances Bard with practical features, Dall-E gets a GPT boost, DeepMind tackles genetic mutations, and public fears over AGI.