10+ AI Directories to Submit Your AI Apps

Plus Get Your AI Apps Noticed

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If you have an AI app and want more people to know about it, there's a smart way to do it. You can submit your app to AI directories. These directories list many AI tools and apps. They help people find your app when they look for AI solutions.

AI directories serve as platforms where potential users discover new tools. Your app gains exposure, leading to increased user engagement. It's a simple yet effective method to reach people who need AI solutions. By listing your app in these directories, your app becomes part of a bigger digital collection, accessible to a diverse audience.

listing an AI app in these directories involves highlighting its unique qualities. An app must stand out, showcasing how it solves specific problems and its distinct features. 
Here are the top AI directories where you can submit your app.

  1. AllThingsAI - Submit your App
  2. Alternatives.Co - Submit your App
  3. SaaSBaba - Submit your App
  4. Foundr AI - Submit your App
  5. SaaS AI Tools - Submit your App
  6. ToolPilot.ai - Submit your App
  7. aiwizard - Submit your App
  8. AI Library - Submit your App
  9. AI Finder - Submit your App


AllThingsAI is a key resource for AI tools and services. It offers human-tested reviews of AI-powered software, ensuring reliability and relevance. This platform is especially beneficial for AI startups looking to get noticed. By submitting your app here, you gain exposure to an audience that values quality and practicality. AllThingsA focuses on tools that make a real difference, so your app will be among the best. It's not just about listing your app; it's about joining a community that cares about advancing AI technology. This directory is ideal if your app solves real problems and can stand out in the crowd.

Submit your App - AllThingsAI


Alternatives.Co is where company leaders find alternative software solutions. With its wide range of software reviews, it's a perfect place to submit AI apps catering to business needs. Your app will be visible to users actively seeking specific software solutions, increasing the chances of reaching the right audience. Alternatives.Co helps in matching your app with companies' needs, making it a strategic choice for business-oriented AI tools.

Submit your App - Alternatives.Co


SaaSBaba, focusing on the latest AI tools and SaaS growth marketing, is an excellent directory for startups. It provides insights into pricing and deals, helping startups find tools that fit their needs. Submitting your AI app to SaaSBaba places it among cutting-edge technologies, keeping your organization ahead with the latest AI advancements.

Submit your App - SaaSBaba

Foundr AI

Foundr.ai, as the largest directory of AI tools, is ideal for showcasing innovative AI solutions. Your app can gain visibility among a vast audience seeking new and unique AI tools. Foundr.ai is suitable for apps that offer something different in the AI space, ensuring your tool stands out to users looking for the latest in AI technology.

Submit your App - Foundr AI

SaaS AI Tools

SaaS AI Tools is a platform that offers the latest in AI tools and daily AI news, aiming to boost creativity. This directory is a great fit for AI app developers who want to reach an audience interested in new AI innovations. When you submit your app here, it joins a list of cutting-edge tools. This attracts users who are excited about exploring new AI capabilities. If your app offers unique or creative solutions in the AI space, SaaS AI Tools is the right place for it. The directory caters to an audience that appreciates innovation, making it an excellent choice for showcasing your app.

Submit your App - Saas AI Tools


ToolPilot.ai provides a platform to discover, compare, and excel with AI tools. It stands out with its unbiased reviews and powerful filters, supporting a vibrant community. This directory is an ideal choice for AI app developers who want their apps to be a part of a diverse and dynamic AI ecosystem. By listing your app on ToolPilot.ai, you connect with a community keen to explore and use various AI tools. If your app has unique features and functionalities, ToolPilot.ai is an excellent platform to get noticed. It's well-suited for apps that stand out in terms of innovation and usability.

Submit your App - ToolPilot


aiwizard is a platform where you can discover new AI tools and learn how to use them. It's a valuable resource for both AI enthusiasts and professionals. By submitting your app to aiwizard, you gain exposure to an audience that is keen on learning and applying AI in various fields. This directory is an excellent choice if your app offers unique functionalities or innovative solutions that can appeal to those looking to expand their AI knowledge and capabilities.

Submit your App - Aiwizard

AI Library

AI Library is a comprehensive directory that hosts a range of AI tools and services. It's a go-to resource for finding AI solutions across different sectors. Submitting your app here can increase its visibility among users who rely on this library for finding reliable and effective AI tools. AI Library is ideal if your app provides specific solutions in areas like data analysis, machine learning, or any other AI-related field.

Submit your App - AI Library

AI Finder

AI Finder is a directory designed to help users find the best AI tools suited to their needs. By listing your app on AI Finder, you position it in a space where potential users are actively searching for AI solutions. This directory is suitable for apps that cater to a broad range of AI applications, from business to personal use, and can benefit users looking for efficient and effective AI tools.

Submit your App - AI Finder

Why Should You Submit Your App on these platforms?

Submitting your AI app on these platforms is a smart move for growth and visibility. These AI directories are like bridges connecting your app with the right audience. Here, your app gets noticed by people who need AI solutions. When you choose the right platform, your app stands a better chance of being used and appreciated.

Increased Visibility

Getting your app listed on these AI directories increases its visibility. It's like putting up a big sign on a busy road. More people see your app, and this can lead to more downloads and users. These directories have visitors who are specifically looking for AI tools, which means your app is shown to the right crowd.

Targeted Audience

Each directory has a unique audience. Some cater to business professionals, others to tech enthusiasts or researchers. By choosing the right directory, you place your app in front of people who are most likely to be interested in it. It's like selling sports equipment at a gym rather than a general store.

Credibility and Trust

Being listed on reputable AI directories adds credibility to your app. Users trust these platforms to provide them with reliable and effective tools. When your app is on these directories, users see it as a vetted, trustworthy solution. It's like having a recommendation from a trusted friend.

Feedback and Improvement

These platforms often allow users to leave reviews and feedback. This can be valuable information for you to improve your app. It's like getting advice from users on how to make your app better. Positive reviews can also attract more users to your app.

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10+ AI Directories to Showcase Your Innovative AI Apps Expand your reach and get your AI apps noticed by submitting them to these top-tier AI directories.