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Added: Sep 13, 2023

Unlock secrets in your data, predict customer behavior & boost your marketing without writing a line of code.

What does OpenOS do?

OpenOS is a no-code machine learning platform designed for marketing, product and customer success teams. It predicts user churn, returns on ad spend, lifetime value and retention with a natural language to SQL interface. It gives real-time data insights from connected sources, builds time-series models for forecasting key metrics and provides automated insights. Users can predict churn, analyze product impact, and optimize campaigns in real time. Unlike similar platforms, it uses advanced machine learning to predict future trends and user behaviors, complementing tools like Mixpanel and Google Analytics.

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  • Predict churn, ROAS, LTV & retention sans coding
  • Natural language to SQL interface for querying
  • Real-time data insights from connected sources
  • Time series models for forecasting key metrics
  • Automated insights and actionable steps generated


  • Predict user churn: By typing "Predict user churn for users from Source A within the next 7 days", the platform creates a predictive model in real time.
  • Analyze product impact: Users can understand the predicted impact of any product or feature on key metrics, enabling in-depth feature analysis.
  • Real-time campaign optimization: The platform identifies key attributes linked to campaign performance and provides automated reports for real-time optimization.

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